Fantasy Miniatures & Painting - About Me

Reaper LonniaMy name is Yvonne Jentsch, my artist name is Vhaidra, I was born in 1970 in the south of Germany. When I was 10 years old, my mother and me moved to Hamburg and since then I live in the north of Germany. In the meantime I moved to Norderstedt which is a suburb of Hamburg.

I`m married, but since 2011 my husband and me are living apart, we have no children. I`m working as a carer for disabled people and so I haven`t got much time for painting and all my numerous hobbys, but it`s okay. From time to time I can finish a project, I won`t complain.

Further hobbys are: Electronic music production (Psybient, Psychill, Deep Trance), photography, drawing pictures (but I don`t find the time for doing this), philosophy, mainly chinese philosophy (daoism, I ching, confucianism etc.) but also the occidental philosophy is very intresting as well as physics and science in general.

Since the age of 15 I`m playing E-Bass, later I played Guitar too and I played in several bands, several genre for many years of my life and so I would say music is really my biggest love, but painting miniatures is a close runner up.

When I`m not doing anything creative, then I like it most to be outside in nature and enjoy the silent.

I`m practise Yoga about 22 years, including meditation, I love to ride by bicycle, I like table tennis and billard and I love meetings with my friends.

Nowadays fun and joy has absolutely priority for me concerning painting miniatures. I have no ambitions anymore. Up from now I won`t upload my miniatures anymore on sites as coolminiornot for getting a rating. I only post my miniatures in forums and on my website.

I also won`t enter competitions anymore unless it is just a fun competition as they take place from time to time in forums for example. The only thing which counts for me is the pure passion and joy in painting, nothing else matters.

Just for to answer a couple of questions in advance.

I wish to thank all who supported me all the years, who motivated me, gave me advice and who helped me with their honesty feedback to make constantly progress.


If interested

My Music

At the moment I have uploaded only one single track and this is my very first track (which I produced purely at the pc). I produced it in 2014 and it is far beyond perfection. In the meantime I have more practise, more knowledge, but I don`t want to post my tracks unless they sound perfect for me and so I´m working at them constantly. I take my time in uploading new tracks and apart from that I plan to change my artist name as a musician and so the more actual tracks by me will be uploaded later on You Tube under a different artist name. So there is only one track available for now and you find it here:
Shadow Dance

Synthesizer Programming

For the case that you are a producer by yourself I add a link to my synthesizer soundbanks at Audio Bombs. I upload all my own sounds (soundbanks) there and offer them for free download. I will add a lot more with time, because I love synthesizer programming a lot (an additional hobby).
Synthesizer Soundbänke for free


In fact I have tons of photos, but anyhow I`m too lazy to upload them. Here I have started to post a couple and with time I plan to upload more.
Meine Fotos bei Flickr