Fantasy Miniatures & Painting

Reaper Lonnia Welcome to my homepage. My artist name is Vhaidra and I`m a passionated painter of fantasy and science fiction miniatures.

I`m painting miniatures since 2004, but made a break in painting from 2012 until 2017. Since February 2017 I´m active again as a miniature painter, but now it is just a pure hobby for me.

For a couple of years I worked as a professionally miniature painter and so I made commissioned work for manufacturers and collectors. I stopped this completely, because it increasingly exhausted me and therefore I have lost joy in painting. I made a break and now I`m back und just care about the pure hobby aspect of miniature painting.

This is a non-commercial site, but it is only for presenting my painted miniatures and for to share my experiances, as well as my knowledge about miniature painting by posting tutorials and articles I provide here. I don`t sell my miniatures anymore. Please don`t send me any request concerning this matter.

Because the survive of the communiy and forums and the developement of the miniature community as a whole ist very important for me, I give my explicit permission that each content of this website (photos, tutorials and tutorials I have posted in forums) may be posted in forums as well as on blogs as a copy (not only as a link). but only for non-commercial use and of course with quote the source.

If you are a manufacturer (or a shop owner), and I have painted one of your products and you would like to use the photo as product image in your shop, then please just write an email to the adress below and just ask me. Mostlikely I will give my permission.


- New Minis:
Thief of Hearts von Dark Sword und
Lucy von Fatalpersonality