Fantasy Miniatures & Painting

Reaper LonniaWelcome to my site. My artist name is Vhaidra and I'm a impassioned painter of Science Fiction and Fantasy Miniatures.

What started once as a pure hobby became to a really passion. Although I didn't get into painting how it is normally the case (because of gaming) I'm interested in all concerning Science Fiction and Fantasy.

I used to do commissions for private customer and manufacturer, but at the moment I cannot accept additional commissions because I'm painting exclusively for Miniaturenland and I feel used to capacity.

I will show my work on this site and I also will allow my friends to post their work here. So all galeries will be filled up bit by bit and there will be new galeries from time to time. I also will give all kind of creativity some space on this site so you can also look up photos, artworks, sketches, sculpts and so on.

I would like to share my knowledge about painting but at the moment I even haven't done tutorials in german and I don't know if I will find the time to write them in english. If there will be an english tutorial I will notify you on this site.

Please check out too my gallery at Coolminiornot

How to use this site:

All texts in my galery are written in english too. If the german text is very long you maybe have to scroll down until the english text. All main sites are in english too.

If you click on "Miniatures" you will come to the main galery from where you can get to each other galery on this site.
There will be open up a larger version of the image if you click on the thumbnails and if you click on the large version of an image you will get back to the previous galery.

If you are in a certain artist galery and you want to stay there, you can use the button at the navigation bar with the artist's name to get back to the artist's main galery.
If you press strg plus +/- same time, you can zoom in and zoom out the image.


- New Minis:
Thief of Hearts von Dark Sword und
Lucy von Fatalpersonality